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We’re going to help you create the kind of work that will get you more attention and you can be proud of.


Have you ever browsed Dribbble or Behance and been floored by the work of a certain designer?

Maybe you’ve been inspired by the handcrafted look of you favorite designers, but when you try to pull it off it just looks, well… Not as good.

You’ve probably had moments where you just figured you didn’t have a “knack” for it like some of these designers.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that’s not the case.

Sure, you’re skills will improve with time. But there’s a lot of simple techniques, tricks and tips that will save you hundreds of hours of frustration.

So if you’re trying to make vintage and retro style designs and want to improve fast do this:

Visit Grain Bureau regularly and go through the tutorials and use the resources. I promise you that if you do this within 30 days you’re designs will improve dramatically.




About Me

My name is Dustin Lee and I’m the founder of Grain Bureau.

In the past 5 years I’ve:

  • Been the lead designer for 5 start-ups.
  • Been a #1 top seller for design goods.
  • Been featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine.
  • Featured by Adobe.
  • Sold over 6000 premium design products in just 6 months.